About Us

We make music & movies inspired by the stories we love.

Maharaja Entertainments was born out of a vision to bring legitimacy to the music business in Sri Lanka and gain ‘ear’ share through a wide repertoire of original titles in English, Hindi & Tamil. While, it was initially formed to market pre-recorded titles in compact disc and music cassette formats, M Entertainments simultaneously plans to develop the local music industry through artist and repertoire management – thus creating a window of opportunity for the Sinhala music industry in global markets. M Entertainments (Private) Limited is the one company engaged in legitimate business practices where pirated music is widespread in the market.

M Entertainments distribute and market an assortment of titles from leading international labels and is the first to introduce original music in Sri Lanka through formal distribution channels priced competitively the range comprises a wide variety from western and eastern classical music to reggae, rock-n-roll, blues, soul, pop, jazz, funk, rap and Hindi and Tamil film soundtracks.

Strategic alliances with world’s majors in music such as Sony & Universal keep Maharaja Entertainments at the forefront of digital international music distribution in Sri Lanka and we continue our commitment to further improve this avenue. MEPL’s strong relationship with media guarantees complete terrestrial coverage for our artists. M Entertainments currently supplies both local and international content to platforms in the island and around the globe.

Securing a leading position in the digital distribution of content (music & non-music) in Sri Lanka, MEPL acts as the digital content distributor for MTV / MBC products as well & has also ventured into the theatrical distribution of local and international films in Sri Lanka.

M Entertainments is dedicated to the goals of expanding Sri Lanka’s entertainment industry providing legitimate and original products to enhance consumers’ choice. It has a strong mandate to empower Sri Lankan artists and use the international collaborators strength to recognize Sri Lankan talent and allow the country’s sound carry across international boundaries. Sri Lankan musicians in the M Entertainments family encompass the best of discovered talent and are given the opportunity, longevity and success via out careful exposure to the world.

Maharaja Entertainments is proud of its achievements bettering the prospects of Sri Lankan artists and continuing to increase value to consumers. ME leads the market with original quality, sound & talent as the artists see their dreams fulfilled and the Sri Lankan entertainment industry is revitalized, M Entertainments promises to you that the best is yet to come.